Knights of the York Cross of Honour (K.Y.C.H.)


To be elected a Knight of the York Cross of Honour requires that an individual be elected and complete his service as Worshipful Master of his Symbolic Lodge, High Priest of his Royal Arch Chapter, Illustrious Master of his Cryptic Council, and Eminent Commander of his Commandery of Knights Templar. He then must be sponsored by a member Knight and pass a unanimous ballot.

The jewel of the Order is a gold crown with the emblem of each York Rite body hung on a blue, red, purple and white breaded cordon. The colors represent the four York Rite bodies. When a member Knight has been elected to preside over one of the four Grand Bodies, he is invested with the rank of Grand Cross and is awarded a Quadrant to apply to his jewel.

The organization is governed by the Convent General, Knights of the York Cross of Honour, and is international in scope. In 1984 there were over 20,000 members.

The Convent General supervises the York Cross of Honour Research Foundation and supports research into cures for leukemia, and solicits contributions and bequests.

There is generally only one Priory per state and Kansas No. 33, represents the K.Y.C.H Priory in Kansas.

At the annual Election of Officers meeting 2006, the Knights of Kansas No. 33 chose the following officers for the year 2006-2007.

Eminent PriorHoward G. Jones
Deputy PriorWilliam B. Manning
WarderRobert W. Harrington
Registrar/TreasurerRobert B. Pfuetze
PrelateEldon E. Leitzel
OratorWayne H. Rollf
HeraldE.M. Griffiths
SentinelJohn H. Dugan, Jr.

The Priory will next convene at the Breakfast Meeting on Friday March 23, 2007 during the Grand York Rite Assembly.


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